10 Ways to You Can Get Rich in Young Age

10 Ways to You Can Get Rich in Young Age

10 Ways to You Can Get Rich in Young Age

Who do people in this world who do not want to get rich? Surely everyone want dong yes. Not only can make us live well, but wealth can also make a person more have the opportunity to share and help others. For all you know wrote, not just those who already lived tablets can acquire wealth. You do not need to work for decades before it gets rich. Because everything you can from now on. What is there that you have to do I'll be rich at a young age?

1. Create a Career and Work Dream About the Future

If until now you still do not know want to be rich by what kind, is better immediately specify jobs and career dreams. Have a dream that is clearly a matter of how you will achieve more wealth will make the spirit of trying. If necessary, write it big dreams and stick in an easy place you see.

2. Select Education Most Fit Your Interests and Your talent

Successful people usually experience things they liked in life. You will experience the same success, or even more - if you study in accordance with the interests and talents.

This will be the provision of value in your efforts to collect the coffers of wealth later. If you do not know what you want your field and have the spirit of "work-what-just-be-origin-rich-and-much-money"

3. Set aside 25% of your total revenue a year

If you still ask for pocket money from parents, how do you get per month? 500 thousand? Means in a year you should be able to set aside a minimum of Rp 1.500.000,00. If you've got a salary itself, do the same. Set aside 1/4 of the total salary.

This money should not be tampered with, do not be tempted to use money shopping or traveling these deposits. The main purpose of setting aside a quarter of your money is to fund investment and unexpected.

4. Start Investing In Stock Market 

Put 25% of your annual income that has been set aside in a capital market investment scheme. How can vary. You can try their luck by buying foreign currency and then exchange it when the exchange rate rises, gold investments, participate in the program can also deposit or via stocks and mutual funds.

According to some opinions, the best possible investment for new young people who have an income is an investment fund. Through this investment scheme, you can buy stock mutual funds ranging from US $ 100,000.00. Light enough to bag the young man?

This investment also proved to be quite safe when compared to other investment schemes. Because in contrast to investments in general are really relying on speculation, investment in mutual funds you will still be accompanied by an Investment Manager (MI) who are experienced. So he will set up where your money will be invested.

5. If you have more money, invest in the Field Properties

Investments in property funds and the stability it requires a large initial capital. However, long-term gains are also not kidding. In 2011 alone the price of property in Jakarta has gone up by 38%, while in Bali rising property prices reached 20%. This figure is quite fantastic, double the above figures rise in property prices in Dubai.

So from now on, if you already have an income then consider your money put aside for the sake of simple housing installments or a mini apartment. A few more years if the property you sell or you rent out a guaranteed price will skyrocket.

6. Begin to take insurance for self protection

Set aside your money too (apart from the 25% per-year earlier, yes) to purchase health insurance or life insurance. Although you already have insurance from your office or still borne by the parents, but the corporate insurance usually does not cover some special cases.

Health fund is a windfall that could make your savings depleted if you do not prepare well. Better set aside a few hundred dollars per month to avoid sudden losses that can be toward you unexpectedly.

7. Try ( SYB ) Start Your Business, Take Risks 

 Very few people who could become millionaires but a lifetime so employees. Usually they are very successful in the financial sector took a risk by trying to start a business need drastic sendiri.Gak left your job if you're not entirely sure.
Try to start a business in which you are interested in part-time basis first. After all, now ease the technology has been able to help. You can run your efforts via online so that you can do on the sidelines of busy work kantoranmu. When it actually produces, then you can get out of your regular job and focus to businesses that want you pioneered.

8. Need not be easily tempted by the same new technologies

Extravagance young people are usually located in the shopping gadget. Mobile and tablet can still be used, already tempted same eeeh latest products. Though yes not much difference. Not infrequently some nyicil behind Stand-by could be the latest gadgets. Hold yourself to indulge the passions follow the progress of existing technology that would not end it.

Rather than used for making yourself look more cool in front of friends, better money that you save or you make an investment fund. Rather than spend money, you can actually generate funds for your future. Although now use HP's old school, but if on account of money flow continues ya who do not want?

9. Do not Be Afraid of Life Difficult

If you want to be successful and wealthy without going pioneer of zero, so how are you? Nothing success built overnight. Kayak Hipwee ever write an article about Wu Shihong, a former cleaning service who became manager of IBM and Microsoft. People as successful as he was just starting his career from the bottom.  

So, do not be afraid to start working with low salaries. Do not be afraid to live in boarding houses or rented modest for some time. Do not be afraid to not have a cool car and instead use public transport in order to invest. Do not be afraid to lose the trendy look of the environment around you. Remember, you're concerned about trying to live a little hard for the sake of wealth you will enjoy in the future. 

10. Work Hard, And Work Smart

This is the most important of all. If you've been investing, has got education was OK, but did not have the fighting spirit then say goodbye to the expected wealth. He will not come. While still young, maximize your time to focus on work and employment.

Come to the office most mornings, doing your job as best as possible, take advantage of existing technology and the means to help your work. Start running your own business, to multiply the connections and relationships in the professional world, plus feel free to start learning to invest.
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If things do you do this consistently, the financial security will slowly you get. Welcome to the youth comfortable, be prepared for old age that can be enjoyed with a lovely couple couples. 

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